Reduction spells were process spells used to steadily reduce the Raw energy of spells, effectively breaking them. The most basic words used for a reduction spell were "brakka du vanyalí", reduce the magic. Additional words could be added to make more specific spells, such as "brakka du vanyalí sem huildar Saphira un eka!" Reduce the magic that holds Saphira and me.


The magician or sorcerer would cast the spell and then feel his energy slowly flow away. The spells he was trying to break would steadily be weakened. Eventually, the targeting spell would break, the caster would release the Magic, or the caster would die from exhaustion.


Reduction spells were useful for breaking Restraining spells, especially since they were process spells and the magician could release them if he came close to defeat. Reduction spells usually resulted in a direct conflict of strength

Role in the booksEdit

During Eldest, Oromis taught Eragon to use reduction spells instead of release spells, which were absolutes, to break restraining spells.

Eragon later used reduction spells to try to thwart Murtagh's restraining spells. Though Eragon was a skilled spellcaster, he was no match for Murtagh's powers and was defeated.

During Brisingr, Eragon and Murtagh's roles were reversed: Murtagh tried to break Eragon's restraining spells with reductions spells. Murtagh failed to break the magic, but he weakened Eragon and his elf allies to the point where they could no longer battle him and Thorn.

Users of this magicEdit

Confirmed to use reduction spellsEdit

Probably used reduction spellsEdit

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