Red Blade, White Blade is the 57th chapter of Eldest. It takes the point of view of Eragon.


This chapter began two days after the Agaetí Blödhren. Arya had already left for the Varden, and Eragon was upset that she left. As he watched the sun rise, he thought about what happened: Searching for Arya at Tialdarí Hall, trying to apologize, only to find that she had already left. He realized that he had been a fool. Eragon tried to convince himself that she was right, their age difference was too great to overcome. He was heartbroken. In order to keep his mind off of Arya, he tried to solve Orik's Puzzle Ring. Using his new instincts he found a pattern in it he never found before. To his delight, he solved it.

On his way to the practice field, he met Orik, who said that he wanted to see Eragon fight. They both went to the training field where they met Vanir. Eragon drew Zar'roc as fast as he could. To his surprise the sword felt lighter than usual, and slipped out of his hand. He apologized and said that he merely misjudged his strength. As Eragon and Vanir sparred, to Eragon it seemed that Vanir moved slower than usual. Experimenting, he jumped as high as he could, soared over ten feet in the air, and flipped before landing behind Vanir. He realized with amazement that the dragons had granted him the physical abilities of the elves. They fought long into the morning, but at last Eragon darted past Vanir's guard, and struck him in the upper arm, breaking the bone with a crack! Vanir's face was white as he said "How swift is your sword!", a famous line from the Lay of Umhodan. Then he twisted his hand over his sternum and bowed. He refused to let Eragon heal his arm, wanting to let nature run it's course.

Since he still had a few moments before he had to meet Oromis and Glaedr, Eragon went to the elves' archery field. He shot his bow until he had shot 30 arrows in a minute. On the 31st arrow, he pulled too hard and accidentally snapped his bow. He stalked off to meet Oromis and Glaedr. Oromis had Eragon do the third level of the Rimgar, and wanted to know all about what he experienced at the Agaetí Blödhren and how he felt about it. Eragon replied that he was glad to be free of Durza's curse. Over the next few weeks Eragon made enormous progress. Yet, he still was heartbroken about Arya leaving. He couldn't stop thinking about Arya. Saphira said that it is what the dragons and the elves feel. "Soon", she said, "madness will break forth. Weep for those who will die. Hope that we may win a brighter future by the strength of your sword and shield and my fangs and talons."

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