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"Urgals are hated more than any other race. Elves, dwarves, humans all hunt us, burn us and drive us from our halls."
"Not without good reason."
"Not without reason. Our people love war. Yet how often are we attacked just because you find us as ugly as we find you?"
— Nar Garzhvog and Nasuada

Racism, the assertion of the relative superiority or inferiority of races and the related discrimination against members of a race solely because they belong to that race, is featured in the Inheritance works.

Examples of discriminationEdit

Urgals were discriminated against because of their passion and fondness for warfare and conquest. Many Urgals differ from this popular stereotype, Nar Garzhvog being an example. Eragon's meeting with the cultured Bolvek statesman forced him to re-assess his previously discriminatory beliefs. Many of the violent actions performed by Urgals were a result of their enslavement by Galbatorix and the Urgal culture was altered after their release. In the chapter "Message in a Mirror" from Brisingr, Nasuada revealed to Saphira that a man named Othmund chose to slay an Urgal and then boast about it the next day. She was forced to make good on a promise and execute Othmund for his actions.

The Ra'zac and the Lethrblaka are much more hated due to a taste for human flesh which is inherent in their culture. This Ra'zac racism is so strong, even the usually kind elves and Dragon Riders declared them to be inherently evil. Following this, the Riders waged a war known as the Ra'zac War that nearly wiped out the Ra'zac and Lethrblaka. Only two Ra'zac and Lethrblaka survived and were used by King Galbatorix before and during the Rider War. Eragon and Saphira joined with Roran to hunt down the Ra'zac, rescue Katrina, and then kill the Ra'zac after they had killed Roran's father Garrow and kidnapped his future wife Katrina. Whether a kinder approach from the Riders would have prevented the extermination of the Ra'zac can only be left to speculation. For his part, Eragon felt nothing for these beings, rejecting the offer of the last one remaining to remember his name in song in exchange for his revealing something secret regarding Galbatorix.

The Empire was discriminatory against non-humans such as the elves and the dwarves. They were prepared to use Urgals in their army, but only after their minds had been subverted through Galbatorix's dark magics.


  • A number of similarities between The Inheritance Cycle and Star Wars have been noted by both fans and critics of the series. Within the universe of Star Wars, many, and those aligned with the Sith in particular, display fantastic racism against non-humans, as noted in this example from Matthew Stover's novelization of Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith:
"A government clean, pure, direct: none of the messy scramble for the favor of ignorant rabble and subhuman creatures that made up the Republic he so despised. The government he would serve would be Authority personified.

Human authority.

It was no accident that the primary powers of the Confederacy of Independent Systems were Neimoidian, Skakoan, Quarren and Aqualish, Muun and Gossam, Sy Myrthian and Koorivar and Geonosian. At war's end the aliens would be crushed, stripped of all they possessed, and their systems and their wealth would be given into the hands of the only beings who could be trusted with them.

Human beings.

Dooku would serve an Empire of Man."
— Page 51

While this "Sith Army" turned out to be a fantasy, the rights of non-humans were crushed under the Empire seen in the latter Star Wars films. Other examples of fanatic racism can be found throughout the Star Wars extended universe.

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