Spoiler Eldest

Quimby was a brewer in Carvahall. He was Birgit's husband and Nolfavrell's father. He was known as a man who would try to break up arguments and fights, but, this would prove to be his downfall. When a couple of Imperial soldiers started to argue over who should be served first, while in Morn's Tavern, he tried to break it up and was hit by a pitcher from behind, dying instantly. His body was then captured and eaten by the Ra'zac, before handing the bones back, with visible evidence of being chewed on and cracked open for the marrow. Those who saw the bones were horrified. Birgit especially: she swore to Roran she would get back at both the Ra'zac and Roran for the death of her husband. For this reason, Birgit was very hardy during Carvahall's evacuation to Surda and often led the women when the men were busy.

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