This article contains all of the prophesies and premonitions that have taken place in the Inheritance series thus far.

Warning: Paolini has commented that not all prophecies may come true.

Angela's Prophecy for Eragon Edit

This prophecy was given to Eragon in Eragon by Angela, the herbalist/witch.

Long life Edit

"This is the first time I have ever seen it come up in someone's future. Most of the time it's the aspen or the elm, both signs that a person will live a normal span of years. Whether this means that you will live forever or that you will only have an extraordinarily long life, I'm not sure. Whatever it foretells, you may be sure that many years lie ahead of you…"

FULFILLED: Eragon became immortal when he and Saphira bonded as Dragon and Rider. In this sense, he has been granted a long life. However, we have yet to learn just how long that life will last.

Freedom to choose his own fate Edit

"…Now the bones grow harder to read, as the rest are in a confused pile. Here the wandering path, lightning bolt, and sailing ship all lie together - a pattern I've never seen, only heard of. The wandering path shows that there are many choices in your future, some of which you face even now. I see great battles raging around you, some of them fought for your sake. I see the mighty powers of this land struggling to control your will and destiny. Countless possible futures await you - all of them filled with blood and conflict - but only one will bring you happiness and peace. Beware of losing your way, for you are one of the few who are truly free to choose their own fate. That freedom is a gift, but it is also a responsibility more binding than chains…"

Fullfilled: In the fourth book Eragon exerts his freedom by opting to leave on his own accord. Him choosing his own fate was most evident in one of the last conversations he had with Nasuada, in which he admited to answering to no one but himself. His freedom was also binding because he had no other choice but to leave. It was the only way to ensure the preservation of the Dragon Riders.

Death of a loved one Edit

"…And yet, as if to counteract that, here is the lightning bolt. It is a terrible omen. There is a doom upon you, but of what sort I know not. Part of it lies in a death - one that rapidly approaches and will cause you much grief. But the rest awaits in a great journey…"

FULFILLED: by the death of Brom.

He will leave Alagaësia forever Edit

"…Look closely at this bone. You can see how its end rests on that of the sailing ship. That is impossible to misunderstand. Your fate will be to leave this land forever. Where you will end up I know not but you will never again stand in Alagaësia. This is inescapable. It will come to pass even if you try to avoid it…"

FULFILLED: At the end of the fourth book, Eragon leaves with Saphira, a few elves and the rest of the newly found dragon eggs.

Epic romance Edit

"…The next bone is easier to read and perhaps a bit more pleasant. An epic romance is in your future, extraordinary, as the moon indicates - for that is the magical symbol - strong enough to outlast empires. I cannot say if this passion will end happily, but your love is of noble birth and heritage. She is powerful, wise, and beautiful beyond compare…"

FULFILLED: Arya, daughter of the elven Queen Islanzadí. Meet in the first book. Even though her feelings for Eragon are not the same as his.

Betrayal by a family member Edit

"Now for the last two bones, the tree and the hawthorn root, which crosses each other strongly. I wish that this were not so - it can only mean more trouble - but betrayal is clear. And it will come from within your family! You shouldn't fret about what has yet to occur. The only way the future can harm us is by causing worry. I guarantee that you'll feel better once you're out in the sun."

FULFILLED: Murtagh betrayed Eragon by becoming a Rider for Galbatorix. His betrayal and the revelation that he is Eragon's brother, later revealed in Brisingr to actually be his half-brother, both take place in Eldest.

Solembum's prophecy Edit

This prophecy was given to Eragon by Solembum, the Werecat. Eragon shared this prophecy with Saphira, Arya and Oromis.

A weapon Edit

"Listen closely and I will tell you two things. When the time comes and you need a weapon, look under the roots of the Menoa Tree…"

FULFILLED: the weapon beneath the Menoa Tree was not a fully formed literal weapon. Instead, it was a large deposit of Brightsteel: the indestructible and extremely rare metal that Rhunön used to create the swords for the Dragon Riders. With the Brightsteel, she was able to create a new Rider's sword for Eragon, which he named Brisingr.

The Vault of Souls Edit

"…Then, when all seems lost and your power is insufficient, go to the rock of Kuthian and speak your name to open the Vault of Souls."

FULLFILLED: In the fourth book, Eragon travels to Vroengard where he discovers the Vault of Souls, containing over a hundred Eldunari and hundreds of unhatched Dragon eggs, both bound and wild.

Blagden's riddle Edit

Blagden, the white raven, delivered this prophecy in the form of a riddle to Eragon in Ellesméra.

"By beak and bone, Mine blackened stone Sees rooks and crooks And bloody brooks! Son and father alike, Both as blind as bats. While two may share two, And one of two is certainly one, One might be two."

  • The first section most likely refers to the Battle of the Burning Plains. The "rooks and crooks" refers to the birds of prey that were described as hovering over the battle field, waiting for a chance to descend and feed on the fallen soldiers. And "bloody brooks" can refers to both the red cast of the Burning Plains and the literal blood that poured into the Jiet River.
  • The second part most likely refers to the similarities between Eragon and his father, both of whom would sometimes fail to see the obvious.
  • The third part refers to Eragon's lineage more directly, suggesting that while he and Murtagh both have two parents, they may share one, but not both. In other words, Selena is Mother to both Eragon and Murtagh, but they have different fathers.

Eragon's Dreams Edit

Eragon had a number of premonitions throughout the Inheritance Cycle in the form of dreams. Many of his premonitions have proved to be true and have come to pass.

Tall folk leaving on a strange ship Edit

Text quoted from Book one: Eragon, page 81

"He (Eragon) watched as a group of people on proud horses approached a lonely river. Many had silver hair and carried tall lances. A strange, fair ship waited for them, shining under a bright moon. The figures slowly boarded the vessel; two of them, taller than the rest walked arm and arm. Their faces were obscured by cowls, but he could tell that one was a woman. They stood on the deck of the ship and faced the shore. A man stood on the pebble beach, the only one who had not boarded the ship. He threw back his head and let out a long, aching cry. As it faded, the ship glided down the river, without a breeze or oars, out in the flat, empty land. The vision clouded, but just before it disappeared, Eragon glimpsed two dragons in the sky."

Eragon is one of the two taller figures. The other being Arya. Though Arya does not leave Alagaesia with Eragon, she does accompany him across the first bend. The man on the shore is Roran, who does not accompany Eragon and mourns the fact that he will never be able to see his cousin again. Hence the "aching cry". The two dragons are Saphira and Firnen. Firnen then carries Arya away from the boat.

A small girl in a circular stone city Edit

Text quoted from Book three: Brisingr, page 252

"And he rested, and visions beset him of a circular stone city that stood in the center of an endless plain and a small girl who wandered among the narrow, winding alleys within and who sang a haunting melody."

Dreams about Arya Edit

In Eragon, Eragon starts having 'dreams' of seeing a girl, who's identity was unknown but later revealed to be Arya, in a cell with a little window. The first time he dreamt of Arya was described thus: He saw a young woman, bent over by sorrow, chained in a cold, hard cell. A beam of moonlight shone through a barred window set high in the wall and fell on her face. A single tear rolled down her cheek, like a liquid diamond. This cell is similar to the one Eragon is placed in in Gil'ead, where he can see out onto the street. It is suggested that Eragon is scrying in his sleep. It is often debated whether Arya knew that Eragon was scrying in his sleep or not. Brom said before he passed away that it was impossible, but later it is found out it was due to the works of Umaroth (Vrael's dragon), Cuaroc, the dragon eggs and the dragon Eldunarí found in The Vault Of Souls and how they were manipulating the energy flow of Eragon's magic.

The Fighting Men Edit

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