Pre-Du Fyrn Skulblaka refers to the events before the first-and-final war between the elves and the dragons.


Creation, according to Dwarven religionEdit

In the beginning, there was Starless Alagaësia. There were Giants in the earth in those days and there was a she-wolf, one of the most ancient beings to walk Alagaësia. At the dawn of the stars Gûntera, King of the dwarven Deities was born fully formed from her and the other Deities followed him into being. To make a place for themselves in the world, they fought the giants in the Supernatural War and cast them down. Their bones would form the Beor Mountains in time.

Gûntera spoke and he proclaimed that Alagaësia should not be inhabited. Helzvog, most beloved of the dwarven Deities, dared to defy him and created the Dwarves. Enraged at his disobedience, Gûntera brought forth the Elves to claim the world for himself once more. Sindri going forth made Humans from the soil, while the brothers Morgothal and Urûr combined their intellect to make the Dragons. Kílf abstained.

After the creationEdit

Although no aspects of the creation myth can be confirmed and the elves actively denied it, it is known that the first home of the dwarves was the vast Hadarac plain. However, thirty years after the first dwarf awoke, the Hadarac started to become a desert. Rather than die in the desiccating landscape, the dwarves fled south to the Beor Mountains, where King Korgan founded the great city of Tronjheim beneath the mountain of Farthen Dûr. Through the years, their kingdom flourished. Their main competitors were the dragons, who would prey on their livestock. In spite of this, the skirmishes never erupted into a full scale war. Only a lingering mistrust remained.

The coming of the Grey FolkEdit

The Grey Folk were the first of the many species to cross the Sea. They were also the first to utilize Magic, a dangerous process as the spells were thought rather than spoken. A stray thought for a unfortunate spellcaster proved lethal and much of Alagaësia was ravaged. The survivors used their language to bind its use to speech at great effort. They waned, power diminished and no records remain.

The ElvesEdit

The fugitive elves of distant Alalëa crossed the Sea to escape a hideous mistake in their homeland. They landed near Teirm in the 5217th year after the awakening of the dwarves. In those times they were mortal and weaker. They made another error in underestimating the dragons. When an young elf hunted and killed a dragon for sport in the 5291st year after the Awakening, the proud draconic race could finally tolerate no more. Du Fyrn Skulblaka had begun.

Pre-Du Fyrn Skulblaka

Supernatural War | Dwarf-Dragon Conflicts

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