This article is about the chapter. You may be looking for Palancar Valley.

Palancar Valley is the 2nd chapter of Eragon. It takes the point of view of Eragon.


Eragon journeys back from the Spine into the village of Carvahall, where he goes to the butcher's shop. The butcher, Sloan, first asks him for money. When Eragon shows him the stone, he accepts. However, when Eragon tells him that he found it in the Spine, Sloan tells him to leave immediately. Then Horst, Carvahall's blacksmith, and Katrina, Sloan's daughter, enter. Sloan accuses Eragon of harrassing him, but Horst defends him. Horst pays for the meat and leaves with Eragon. Horst tells Eragon to be his apprentice while his son is away. Eragon sends Horst with a message from Roran, Eragon's cousin, to Katrina. The two are in love. They part, and Eragon goes home. He lives on a farm near the village with Roran and Roran's father, Garrow. Eragon tells his uncle about the trip. When he mentions about the frost, Garrow says they'll need to harvest the wheat and squash. tomorrow, so that the rest will be done before the cold sets in. Garrow also says that Sloan is bitter about the Spine as his wife Ismira fell over the Igualda Falls the year before Eragon was brought to Carvahall.


"Well, the mighty hunter joins the rest of us mortals. How many did you bag this time?"
— Sloan on Eragon
Prologue: Shade of Fear | 1. Discovery | 2. Palancar Valley | 3. Dragon Tales | 4. Fate's Gift | 5. Awakening | 6. Tea for Two | 7. A Name of Power | 8. A Miller-to-Be | 9. Strangers in Carvahall | 10. Flight of Destiny | 11. The Doom of Innocence | 12. Deathwatch | 13. The Madness of Life | 14. A Rider's Blade | 15. Saddlemaking | 16. Therinsford | 17. Thunder Roar and Lightning Crackle | 18. Revelation at Yazuac | 19. Admonishments | 20. Magic Is the Simplest Thing | 21. Daret | 22. Through a Dragon's Eye | 23. A Song for the Road | 24. A Taste of Teirm | 25. An Old Friend | 26. The Witch and the Werecat | 27. Of Reading and Plots | 28. Thieves in the Castle | 29. A Costly Mistake | 30. Vision of Perfection | 31. Master of the Blade | 32. The Mire of Dras-Leona | 33. Trail of Oil | 34. Worshipers of Helgrind | 35. The Ra'zac's Revenge | 36. Murtagh | 37. Legacy of a Rider | 38. Diamond Tomb | 39. Capture at Gil'ead | 40. Du Súndavar Freohr | 41. Fighting Shadows | 42. A Warrior and a Healer | 43. Water from Sand | 44. The Ramr River | 45. The Hadarac Desert | 46. A Path Revealed | 47. A Clash of Wills | 48. Flight Through the Valley | 49. The Horns of a Dilemma | 50. Hunting for Answers | 51. The Glory of Tronjheim | 52. Ajihad | 53. Bless the Child, Argetlam | 54. Mandrake Root and Newt's Tongue | 55. Hall of the Mountain King | 56. Arya's Test | 57. The Shadows Lengthen | 58. Battle Under Farthen Dûr | 59. The Mourning Sage

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