Nelda was Holcomb's wife, Brom's mother and Eragon's paternal grandmother.


Nelda grew up in Kuasta, a remote city near the Sea, far south of Carvahall. Kuasta was so isolated by the Spine that it became a peculiar place, full of strange customs and superstitions, so Nelda probably was very superstitious, along with her family.


When she became of age she married Holcomb. Her husband and his family were illuminators and were probably wealthy. When their son was born, they named him Brom.


When Brom was ten years old, he was presented to the eggs that the dragons had donated to the Dragon Riders. A dark blue dragon egg hatched for him and Brom named the female dragon Saphira.

Nelda probably was very sad when her son left home for Ilirea (to become a Dragon Rider) and it is unknown if she ever saw him again.

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