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Biographical information
Born 7983 AC AC
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Mossy locks
Eye Color Brown
Chronological and political information
Affiliation Varden
Family Ajihad (father), Fadawar (maternal uncle)
Film Portrayer Caroline Chikezie

Nasuada is the daughter of Ajihad. In Eragon, Murtagh says "I've seen earls and counts who had wives, compared to her, were more fitted for life as a hog than of nobility," to describe Nasuada. Eragon has a sense of foreboding, remembering the prophecy of his epic romance with one of noble birth. Upon her father's death at the beginning of Eldest, Nasuada becomes leader of the Varden. Due to limitation of resources in the Varden's stronghold in Farthen Dûr, she leads the Varden to Surda, a rebel country to the south of Alagaësia, separate from the empire, that holds a secret allegiance to the Varden. Nasuada convinces King Orrin to become open in their allegiance. She persuades Trianna the sorceress to devise a means of creating lace by magic, which could be sold to raise funds for the Varden, as lace is very expensive, rare, and valued in these books.

In Eldest, Nasuada commands Surda and the Varden's forces at the Battle of the Burning Plains. At that battle, she also declares Eragon her successor as leader to the Varden in case of her death. In Brisingr, Nasuada leads the Varden to capture the city of Feinster from the Empire. She informs Eragon that the Varden plan to march to Belatona, then to Dras-Leona, and finally to Urû'baen, where they plan to kill Galbatorix (though they don't know how they will do this). She also reveals how much she cares for the Varden by taking part in a ritual against Fadawar leader of one of the "Wandering Tribes" called "The Trial of the Long Knives", wherein a contestant cuts his or her own arms until one of the two surrenders, which she wins, cutting herself nine times (six on one arm and three on the other.) more than any other contestant in the trial of the Long Knives has endured before.

In Inheritance, she is captured by Murtagh and taken to Urû'baen where she is tortured by Galbatorix into swearing loyalty to him but she once again demonstrates her strong will by resisting him. It is largely due to the help of Murtagh who becomes a companion of sorts to her when she is imprisoned and helps her to withstand some of the pains that she endures. Over the course of their interactions, the two fall in love and this is enough for Murtagh to change his true name and escape Galbatorix's bonds.

After Galbatorix's death, she becomes High Queen of Algaesia and monarch of the Empire.

Nasuada was played by Caroline Chikezie in the film version of Eragon.


Weapons and otherEdit

  • Dagger: She had a jeweled sheathed dagger. In Eragon, it was strapped to her waist; in Eldest, it was strapped to her forearm; and in Brisingr it was hidden in the folds of her dress.
  • Smaller Knife: She kept an additional smaller 4-inch knife hidden in the bodice of her undergarments.
  • Bow and Arrows: She fought as an archer in the Battle of Farthen Dûr, and continued honing her archery in Brisingr.
  • Armor: She wore a suit of metal armor and had the skill of mental armor, as taught to her by a one-legged man by the name of Hargrove.
  • Horse: Nasuada’s stallion was named Battle-storm.
  • Sharpened spoon: During her imprisonment in Uru'baen, she had managed to sharpen a spoon and kill her jailer and two soldiers before being taken back to her room.

To overthrow a Forsworn kingEdit

Battle of Tronjheim and Varden leadershipEdit

Prior to the Battle under Farthen Dûr, Nasuada and her father lived in Tronjheim, a mighty dwarf city, located in the Beor Mountains, the base of the resistance movement. When the King's Urgals invaded the dwarf tunnels and nearly destroyed the city in the battle, Nasuada secretly defied her father's orders to stay hidden and, being skilled with the bow, instead chose to fight alongside the archers. She was unperturbed by Ajihad's later rage. She later becomes the leader of the Varden.

Capture and Torture in Uru'baenEdit

One night, Murtagh and Thorn broke into the Varden's camp and kidnapped Nasuada. They brought her to Uru'baen, where Galbatorix asked if she would join him. She refused multiple times, and each time she did, Galbatorix made Murtagh burn her with hot iron. Later, Galbatorix did many more forms of torture to her, like the gruesome Burrow Grubs and causing her to hallucinate horrible things, like the Ra'zac. Despite her torture, Murtagh's growing love for Nasuada would allow him to protect her to the best of his ability against the king's torturous implements. Although disgusted with him at first, she later warmed to him and started to reciprocate his feelings as he became her only companion. He also put a spell on her so that she will, most of the time, feel no pain to Galbatorix's torture.

Nasuada was a witness to the final battle in Galbatorix's throne room as she had been chained to a slab of rock by the king. She also witnessed the duel between Eragon and Murtagh which ended in Murtagh's defeat at Eragon's hands and the latter's defection to the Varden to save her life. After Galbatorix's death, she was released and saved by Murtagh and Thorn who healed her from her wounds suffered during her long torture. However, Murtagh decided that it would be best if he put himself into a self-imposed exile so that he and Thorn could recover from what Galbatorix did to them. Nasuada was saddened by his decision but accepted it.


Nasuada had a very determined personality. Even though she was very young (an year or so older than Eragon), she soon earned the respect of the Varden's people and army alike. She was witty and intelligent, often using her elf-like capability to present the truth as it suited her needs in order to convince people. Despite of all these, she sometimes enjoyed herself and acted her own age, such as the "Feast with Friends" chapter in Brisingr, and during her conversations with Murtagh in Uru'baen.

She is shown to have a desire for a loving husband and children, as shown in Inheritance.


Nasuada did consider Orrin as a potential partner, but did not harbor any romatic feelings for him instead thinking that if they did marry than it would be due to politics not love.

She soon developed a strong trust and attachment for Murtagh, during her captivity in Uru'baen. She allowed him to embrace her and comfort her, which she would never have allowed any other person.

Preceded By Position Succeeded By
Ajihad Leader of the Varden Eragon (temporary)
Preceded By Position Succeeded By
King Galbatorix Broddring Kingdom Monarch Incumbent

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