This article is about the place. You may be looking for Narda (chapter).
Spoiler Eldest
Major Species Human
Location Northwest of the Broddring Empire
Terrain Coastland
Climate Unknown
Main Industry Commerce, sailing
Capital N/A
Government Part of the Broddring Empire
Head of State N/A

Narda was a small and isolated trading city on Alagaësia's western coastline, mostly cut off from the rest of Alagaësia by the Spine. It was where Roran and the other villagers of Carvahall hired the barges of Clovis to take them to Teirm.

It had a small wall surrounding it and the population was insignificant. The majority of the population was employed in the fishing or whaling industry. Due to its isolation behind the Spine, the people of Narda held unusual customs and superstitions. 

In Inheritance Eragon went to Narda in a campaign to assert the Varden's authority after doing the same in Teirm and Kuasta: Narda gave in as easily as the latter.

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