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Morzan's Dragon
Biographical information
Died 7984–7985 AC
Age 100+
Physical description
Species Dragon
Scale Color Red
Eye Color Black
Chronological and political information
Rider Morzan
Affiliation The Forsworn, Broddring Empire, Galbatorix
Known teachers Oromis, Glaedr, Galbatorix, Shruikan

Morzan's Dragon was the dragon bonded to Morzan of the Forsworn. The name of Morzan's Dragon is unknown, due to the fact that the dragons banished all of the Forsworn's Dragons names (this was known as the Banishing of the Names or Du Namar Aurboda), but it is likely that his or her color was red, due to the color of Morzan's sword, Zar'roc. Morzan's Dragon was slain by Brom shortly before Morzan himself died.