Mission to Urû'baen

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The Mission to Urû'baen was a Varden operation prior to the Rider War. The mission was to capture the eggs of the yet-unhatched Saphira, Thorn and "Fírnen", all of which were in Galbatorix's possession. Brom, however, secretly hoped to take revenge on his former role model, Morzan, who had betrayed the Dragon Riders to Galbatorix.


Brom contacted a scholar named Jeod, who claimed to have knowledge of a secret passage into Urû'baen, where the dragon eggs were held. A Varden agent was to enter through there and retrieve the three eggs.

Capturing the eggEdit

The agent was unsuccessful, fleeing with just Saphira's egg when he sensed the presence of Eldunarí in the Vault of Souls. The agent was later tracked down by Morzan, while Brom took the egg from Morzan after the death of the Forsworn Rider.

The death of MorzanEdit

Brom still wanted to slay Morzan, the last Forsworn. Brom attacked the former Dragon Rider and killed him. Brom then took Morzan's sword, Zar'roc.

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