The Mission in Du Weldenvarden was orchestrated by the Broddring Empire to capture the elf Arya and Saphira's dragon egg. Galbatorix sent the Shade Durza and a party of Urgals to the path near Osilon where they believed that Arya and her guardians, Glenwing and Fäolin, would pass. They waited until the princess' steed came into view, then sprang the ambush. The mission was only partially successful: the Broddring Empire only captured Arya, who used teleportation to save the egg and send it to Eragon. An enraged Durza threw his sword into a tree and magically killed the remaining Urgals, but the egg was lost. Arya was then imprisoned in Gil'ead. These event are recounted in the prologue to the Inheritance Cycle.

The Elves were betrayed by the Twins.


  • The Eldunari might have caused the winds to shift and in turn, warn Arya and the others of the ambush. "A whisper there, a sense of alarm to one who was about to be ambushed" -Umaroth

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