Message in a Mirror is the 37th chapter of Brisingr. It takes place from the view of Saphira.


The chapter begins with Saphira resting and recalling a night of scouting during which she spotted Thorn, prompting Nasuada and her Elf-guards to suggest she fly with Blödhgarm, which she would not permit. Shortly before falling asleep, she hears a large number of runners, then is soon awakened by angry shouting. She is paid a visit by Nasuada, who explains that a member of the Varden named Othmund has killed three Urgals and then boasted of it, solely because he hates Urgals. For this, he will be executed, though it pains Nasuada to do so. Saphira comforts her, telling her that she will find some way to appease the Varden, and counsels that "it is strife and anger we must guard against, not closer relations with those who were once our foes." Nasuada thanks her for her wisdom and then reveals the reason for her visit—that Eragon has contacted her with the news of the Dwarves' upcoming coronation and requested that Saphira join him in Farthen Dûr. Sensing something amiss, Saphira asks if any harm befell Eragon and Nasuada explains about the attack staged on Eragon and his guards by Dûrgrimst Az Sweldn rak Anhûin. With that, Nasuada urges Saphira to fly swiftly. Saphira is prepared for journey and then departs, roaring with pleasure at no longer having to sit waiting while Eragon is off exploring without her.

1. The Gates of Death | 2. Around the Campfire | 3. Assault on Helgrind | 4. Divergence | 5. Rider and Ra'zac | 6. To Walk the Land Alone | 7. The Trial of the Long Knives | 8. Winged Tidings | 9. Escape and Evasion | 10. A Delicate Matter | 11. Bloodwolf | 12. Mercy, Dragon Rider | 13. Shadows of the Past | 14. Amid the Restless Crowd | 15. To Answer a King | 16. A Feast with Friends | 17. Intersecting Sagas | 18. Making Amends | 19. Gifts of Gold | 20. I Need a Sword! | 21. Unexpected Guests | 22. Fire in the Sky | 23. Man and Wife | 24. Whispers in the Night | 25. Orders | 26. Footprints of Shadow | 27. Over Hill and Mountain | 28. For My Love | 29. A Forest of Stone | 30. The Laughing Dead | 31. Blood on the Rocks | 32. A Matter of Perspective | 33. Kiss me Sweet | 34. Glûmra | 35. Clanmeet | 36. Insubordination | 37. Message in a Mirror | 38. Four Strokes upon the Drum | 39. Reunion | 40. Ascension | 41. Words of Wisdom | 42. The Whipping Post | 43. Among the Clouds | 44. Butting Heads | 45. Genealogy | 46. Two Lovers Doomed | 47. Inheritance | 48. Souls of Stone | 49. Hands of a Warrior | 50. The Tree of Life | 51. Mind over Metal | 52. A Rider in Full | 53. Greaves and Bracers | 54. Leave-taking | 55. Flight | 56. Brisingr! | 57. Shadow of Doom | 58. Sunrise

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