Mercy, Dragon Rider is the 12th chapter of Brisingr. It takes place from the view of Eragon.

Summary Edit

Eragon and Arya continue to flee from the Empire. Along the way, they encounter a small troop of soldiers who attempt to capture them. The Captain believes that they are running away to take refuge in Surda and are thieves, after one soldier discovers Eragon's armor in the pack that he carried.

Meanwhile, Eragon picked up a small stone and sped it toward the Captain, through his temple, killing him instantly. Arya grabs a soldier and whips him off his horse and kills him with magic. The rest of the soldiers are hastily killed. One attempts to flee, and Eragon promptly sprints after him. Although the soldier had a head start, Eragon gains on him quickly. The soldier then begins begging for his life, crying, and claiming that he was young, had yet to start a family, grow old, and that this mission is only his sixth. Eragon tells him that his oath to Galbatorix holds and he will be back. Despite the soldiers increasingly desperate pleas, Eragon kills him.

Eragon goes back to Arya, who picks up a spear and stabs a random soldier under the chin. Eragon attempts to rebuff her, but Arya rebukes him stating that if anyone comes by it would look like a troop of Varden killed them, not just Eragon and Arya. Eragon grudgingly obeys and makes quick work of the soldiers. They then hastily flee.

1. The Gates of Death | 2. Around the Campfire | 3. Assault on Helgrind | 4. Divergence | 5. Rider and Ra'zac | 6. To Walk the Land Alone | 7. The Trial of the Long Knives | 8. Winged Tidings | 9. Escape and Evasion | 10. A Delicate Matter | 11. Bloodwolf | 12. Mercy, Dragon Rider | 13. Shadows of the Past | 14. Amid the Restless Crowd | 15. To Answer a King | 16. A Feast with Friends | 17. Intersecting Sagas | 18. Making Amends | 19. Gifts of Gold | 20. I Need a Sword! | 21. Unexpected Guests | 22. Fire in the Sky | 23. Man and Wife | 24. Whispers in the Night | 25. Orders | 26. Footprints of Shadow | 27. Over Hill and Mountain | 28. For My Love | 29. A Forest of Stone | 30. The Laughing Dead | 31. Blood on the Rocks | 32. A Matter of Perspective | 33. Kiss me Sweet | 34. Glûmra | 35. Clanmeet | 36. Insubordination | 37. Message in a Mirror | 38. Four Strokes upon the Drum | 39. Reunion | 40. Ascension | 41. Words of Wisdom | 42. The Whipping Post | 43. Among the Clouds | 44. Butting Heads | 45. Genealogy | 46. Two Lovers Doomed | 47. Inheritance | 48. Souls of Stone | 49. Hands of a Warrior | 50. The Tree of Life | 51. Mind over Metal | 52. A Rider in Full | 53. Greaves and Bracers | 54. Leave-taking | 55. Flight | 56. Brisingr! | 57. Shadow of Doom | 58. Sunrise

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