"We are not your family. We are not your neighbors. We are not even necessarily your friends."
— Martland to Roran

Martland Redbeard was an experienced commander in the Varden's campaign for the Rider War during the time of Galbatorix. He was the deposed Earl of Thun.

Role in BrisingrEdit

In Brisingr, Martland led a troop of Varden warriors, that included Roran Stronghammer, against the Broddring Empire. In a raid against Imperial soldiers, he led a company of men and was trapped by some Imperials. Roran saved his life when he jumped over four soldiers assaulting Redbeard's group and killed three of them, while the fourth was killed by Redbeard. Martland approved of Roran's risky action, but warned him that the move was risky and he might not have that much luck next time. In another bloody skirmish, one of the Laughing Dead, that was thought to be dead, flipped over and dismembered Martland's left hand, whom Martland then killed in a scene which looked "almost practiced." Redbeard refused treatment by Carn and ordered the magician to tend to the other wounded Varden, calling his missing hand "hardly a wound at all", threatening Carn with insubordination and death. After leaving his hand unattached for too long, his hand could not be reconnected, making him useless for fighting. Nasuada considered making Redbeard an adviser to the army, which was supported by Jörmundur.


Martland Redbeard was cunning and a great fighter. He would discipline his soldiers with no hesitation and would have no regret. As his name says, he had a red beard, although it was greying by the time Roran joined his command and one of his hands was missing. He was attacked by a painless Imperial soldier when he lost his hand. He placed the well-being of his men above that of his own and was not slowed or even fazed by the loss of his hand, dispatching the soldier who severed it as if he hadn't even lost it.


  • According to several of his soldiers including Halmar, Redbeard's grandfather was cunning and killed a number of Imperial soldiers by burning his mansion when the soldiers looked inside for him, killing five hundred of them without even drawing a blade.
  • Martland Redbeard was the deposed Earl of Thun, however, Thun does not appear on the published maps of Alagaësia.

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