Loring lived in Carvahall as a cobbler, caring for his sons Darmmen, Hamund and Larne. When Roran and Katrina announced that they were engaged, he advised Roran that while they would all rather have the Ra'zac leave them alone, it was something to be grateful for that they had gotten engaged at that moment, since they would be forgotten amid the rest of the excitement instead of being gossiped about for months. He was a short-tempered man, who passionately hoped Carvahall would agree to eradicate the soldiers of the Broddring Empire during the siege of Carvahall. After the bulk of Carvahall crossed the Spine and reached Narda, he accompanied Roran, Horst, Gertrude, as well as others into Narda to seek transport to Teirm.

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