"Lord" was a title of great respect and authority. The title was used by many cultures in Alagaësia.

Imperial lordsEdit

When Galbatorix destroyed the Dragon Riders and established the Empire, he killed all the lords of the Broddring Kingdom, and appointed new lords who were faithful to him, at least in word. Often, however, these lords attempted to gain more power for themselves. For this reason and various others, some Imperial lords, such as Marcus Tábor, were removed from office.

Unofficial Imperial lordsEdit

Many people in the Empire had the power of lords, but not the title.

Elf lordsEdit

Elf lords were decided by right of birth. Each ruled a portion of the elven land. There were always 24 Elf Lords.

Dwarf lordsEdit

Dwarf lords, also known as clan leaders or Grimstborith, were elected by their clan. Each lord had power over one clan. There were 13 Dwarven Lords at all times, bar when a new Grimstborith is being elected.

Varden lordsEdit

Bradburn is a presumably Surdan lord aiding the Varden in Inheritance.

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