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Lady Lorana was the Governor of Feinster, a port city residing in the Southern part of the Broddring Empire, and was forced to swear an oath in the Ancient Language to serve King Galbatorix.

She allowed a portion of Galbatorix's forces to reside in her city walls after The Battle of The Burning Plains in an attempt to wear out the approaching Varden forces. She sent out battalions of soldiers to pester and stall the Varden and during the Battle of Feinster she locked herself within her city's keep with soldiers guarding the court yard. She retreated to the top of her tower where she was joined by three dark hooded spell casters Galbatorix had sent to help defend the city. The three magicians assessed the situation and deemed the battle hopeless, so attempted to create a Shade to do as much harm as they could to the Varden at the risk of their own lives. Lady Lorana pleaded with Eragon and Arya to stop them before they released a Shade onto her city. The combined forces of Arya, Eragon and Saphira helped them kill two of the magicians while the third was able to raise a Shade named Varaug before being killed herself by Arya. With the help of Eragon and Saphira, Arya also managed to stab the Shade in the heart and Lady Lorana expressed her gratitude towards them and allowed them to capture her, her priorities shifting towards the safety of her people and would meet with Nasuada to discuss their fate.

The last remaining forces of Feinster surrendered after seeing Lady Lorana had been captured and despite being on opposite sides of the war, she said she admired Eragon's bravery and prowess, as well as bade him farewell before being taken away by Jörmundur.

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