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This article is about the Brisingr chapter. You may be looking for Leave-Taking, the Inheritance chapter.

Leave-taking is the 54th chapter of Brisingr. It takes place from the view of Eragon.

Summary Edit

Eragon goes to see if Sloan has changed at all and become any closer to having his True name change, and he seems to be slightly more mellow. Other than that, Sloan has not made much progress. However, he does not realize that it is Eragon adressing him, and behaves as he would towards the elf that normally visits him. Then, Eragon and Saphira fly to the Crags of Tel'naeír to meet with Oromis and Glaedr before they depart for Feinster. They are surprised to see their teachers dressed for flight. They are informed that Oromis and Glaedr are going to fly to Gil'ead to aid Islanzadí and the elves in the coming battle. When Eragon questions Oromis and Glaedr's readiness to fight; Oromis explains that he has filled Naegling with energy and placed certain Wards on it that will protect him if he has one of his seizures during battle. Then, he tells Eragon that, if Glaedr and he die, Eragon will have to teach the next generation of Dragon Riders. Because of the danger that Oromis and he might die in battle, Glaedr decides to give Eragon and Saphira his Heart of hearts. Then, the two Riders and their Dragons set out towards their respective destinations.

1. The Gates of Death | 2. Around the Campfire | 3. Assault on Helgrind | 4. Divergence | 5. Rider and Ra'zac | 6. To Walk the Land Alone | 7. The Trial of the Long Knives | 8. Winged Tidings | 9. Escape and Evasion | 10. A Delicate Matter | 11. Bloodwolf | 12. Mercy, Dragon Rider | 13. Shadows of the Past | 14. Amid the Restless Crowd | 15. To Answer a King | 16. A Feast with Friends | 17. Intersecting Sagas | 18. Making Amends | 19. Gifts of Gold | 20. I Need a Sword! | 21. Unexpected Guests | 22. Fire in the Sky | 23. Man and Wife | 24. Whispers in the Night | 25. Orders | 26. Footprints of Shadow | 27. Over Hill and Mountain | 28. For My Love | 29. A Forest of Stone | 30. The Laughing Dead | 31. Blood on the Rocks | 32. A Matter of Perspective | 33. Kiss me Sweet | 34. Glûmra | 35. Clanmeet | 36. Insubordination | 37. Message in a Mirror | 38. Four Strokes upon the Drum | 39. Reunion | 40. Ascension | 41. Words of Wisdom | 42. The Whipping Post | 43. Among the Clouds | 44. Butting Heads | 45. Genealogy | 46. Two Lovers Doomed | 47. Inheritance | 48. Souls of Stone | 49. Hands of a Warrior | 50. The Tree of Life | 51. Mind over Metal | 52. A Rider in Full | 53. Greaves and Bracers | 54. Leave-taking | 55. Flight | 56. Brisingr! | 57. Shadow of Doom | 58. Sunrise

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