File:Alagaësia main names.png
St bees head storm

possible view of land across the sea.

There are several references to the "Land across the sea" in the Inheritance cycle. However, they refer to two distinct places.

  • Alalëa - This was the former homeland of the Elves, which they fled following a grave mistake. It may also have been the home of the Grey Folk (it is unknown whether the Grey Folk were native to Alagaësia or a race of immigrants) and is almost certainly the land where the Urgals came from.
  • Human Homeland - This was the homeland of King Palancar, the Humans, the Ra'zac, and Lethrblaka. From the descriptions given, this continent south-west of Alagaësia did not appear to be a peaceful place, King Palancar having fled because of "war and famine".
  • In Inheritance, the Eldunarí Umaroth mentions a location called "the barrows of Anghelm" to Murtagh and Thorn, warning them to avoid it. Umaroth also mentions that the "one and only Urgal king, Kulkarvek, lies in state" here. These barrows may be located across the sea, in the Urgal homeland.

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