Kuasta on a map of Alagaësia

Kuasta was a city located in the Spine and on the coast south of Teirm. It was the birthplace of Brom.

Jeod implies that the city was much bigger than Teirm, as large as Dras-Leona and Gil'ead. It was so isolated by the Spine that it became a peculiar place, full of strange customs and superstitions. Brom, for instance, always knocked three times on a doorframe before entering or leaving a room. But during his training, he forgot his superstitions as a result of other Riders making fun of him.

In Eragon, it was said that Eragon once asked where he came from and Brom described it as "a village much like Carvahall, only not quite as interesting." The Arcaena also began in Kuasta.

In Inheritance Eragon goes to Kuasta to assert the Varden's authority there and they give in easily, unlike Teirm.


It is interesting the note that both Eragon and Brom come from isolated towns in and near the Spine. Heslant the Monk, the author of Dominance of Fate, also was part of a sect that originated in Kuasta.

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