Kiss me Sweet is the 33rd chapter of Brisingr. It takes place from the view of Roran.


Roran wakes up in Katrina's arms and feels a chill. Noticing that he is awake, Katrina tells him to go back to sleep, since he must battle the Empire again before long. He shakes his head and she asks him what is the matter, wondering if he's worried about who is new captain will be or where Nasuada will send him next. She laments that he has become grim and quiet and seems to become more so each time he returns from a battle.

Roran replies that he doesn't want to think about these things and that a true warrior wouldn't feel as he does. Katrina reminds him that a true warrior is one who fights because he has to, not because he wants to. She notes that he once told her that The Song of Gerand was his favorite story of Brom's and the reason why he fights with a hammer instead of a blade. Gerand disliked killing, but he was considered the greatest warrior of his age and she considers him the greatest warrior she knows. Roran asks about Eragon and Katrina replies that Eragon and other Dragon Riders like him have much more might, as well as magic on their side, but he is only as strong as an ordinary human.

She continues that she cannot think of anyone else in Carvahall who would have gone to the lengths he did to rescue her. Roran replies that her father would have. Katrina agrees, but notes that Sloan never could have gotten the whole of the village to follow him. She tells him that he will always have her. He replies that she is all he needs, but that he wishes he could go back to farming as it is, at least, honest work, unlike "the thievery of men's lives."

He apologizes for burdening her with his troubles and she replies that his troubles are hers for as long as they are married. They caress each other and he eventually bids her to kiss him and then they go back to bed. Roran eventually drifts off to sleep, but the flowing noise of the Jiet River leads him into a nightmare of the Boar's Eye in which he and Katrina are standing together on a ship. How can we hope to escape? he wonders.

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