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Kílf, as portrayed in Sverd Shelgr

Kílf was the dwarven goddess of water. She was the mate of Gûntera, the king of deities, and was the only one who restrained herself from forming a race. The dwarves associate her with water lilies and coral. She was described as having flowing hair and merry eyes. She restrained herself from creating any race to take over Alagaësia[1]. The term for Kílf's necklace, Ledwonnû, is used as a generic term for necklace in Dwarvish

Kílf has appeared in the non-canon Sverd Shelgr webcomic, though for copyright purposes she is only called the "Dwarven Goddess of Rivers" and never by name. She maintains her worship by flooding and destroying Dwarven settlements that neglect her, making her a bit darker than she is portrayed in the novels. She is, however, friendly and mild.


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