Jeremy Irons

Jeremy John Irons (born September 19, 1948, in Cowes, Isle of Wight, England) is an Academy Award-winning actor. He played Brom in the Eragon movie.


At the age of 13, Jeremy enrolled in Sherborne School, Dorset, where he was very happy, as he could practice his favorite sport, horse-riding. Before becoming an actor, he had considered a veterinary surgeon's career. This very English actor began by busking, and then joined the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. His first break came in the musical Godspell, when he played John the Baptist alongside David Essex. In the early 80s, he gained international attention with his starring role in a BBC TV serial adaptation of Brideshead Revisited, after which he was much in demand as a romantic leading man. He went on to a steady film career. Once described as "the thinking woman's pin up", he has made his name in many notable films, and gained a Golden Globe Award, in addition to an Oscar, for Best Actor in 1990 for his role as Claus von Bulow in Reversal of Fortune. Irons is married to Sinéad Cusack and has two children.


  • He won a Tony Award in 1984 for The Real Thing.
  • He is an exceptionally good horseman, and enjoys skiing. He hates cooking, but loves gardening and the beauty of nature.
  • He was born at 2:00am-BST
  • He was ticketed in England for driving 97 mph on his BMW motorcycle on June 1, 1995. Irons was charged with speeding and fined $225 and had his motorcycle license suspended for three months.
  • He owns Kilcoe Castle (which he had painted a rusty pink) in County Cork, Ireland, and has become involved in local politics.
  • He has twice played characters with the same first and last name. The first in Lolita (Humbert Humbert) and second in And Now... Ladies and Gentlemen (Valentin Valentin).
  • In 1996, he became the fourteenth performer to win the Triple Crown of acting. Oscar: Best Actor, Reversal of Fortune; Tony: Best Actor - Play, The Real Thing; and Emmy: Best Voice-Over - Performance, The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century.
  • He narrated the "Spaceship Earth" attraction in Epcot.
  • He was a member of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival in 2000


As actorEdit

Film Year Role
The Night of the Iguana 2005
Eragon 2006 Brom
Elizabeth I 2006
Fantôme de l'opéra 2006 Erik, the Phantom
Inland Empire 2006 Unk
The Magic 7 2005 Thraxx
Mare, Il 2006 Louis Burnham
Casanova 2005 Pucci
Kingdom of Heaven 2005 Tiberias
Being Julia 2004 Michael Gosselyn
The Merchant of Venice 2004 Antonio
Mathilde 2004 Pukovnik Unprofora
Dame Edna Live at the Palace 2003
RSC Meets USA: Working Shakespeare 2002 Narrator
Callas Forever 2002 Larry Kelly
And Now... Ladies and Gentlemen... 2002 Valentin Valentin
Last Call 2002 F. Scott Fitzgerald
The Time Machine 2002 Über-Morlock
The Fourth Angel 2001 Jack Elgin
Dungeons & Dragons 2000 Profion
Longitude 2000 Rupert Gould
Ohio Impromptu 2000 Reader/Listener
CTS: Toronto 1999 Andrew Launder
Poseidon's Fury: Escape From the Lost City 1999 Poseidon
Faeries 1999 The Shapeshifter
The Man in the Iron Mask 1998 Father Aramis the Priest
Lolita 1997 Humbert Humbert
Chinese Box 1997 John
Mirad (TV) 1997 Djuka
Stealing Beauty 1996 Alex
Die Hard: With a Vengeance 1995 Simon Gruber
The Lion King 1994 Scar
The House of the Spirits 1993 Esteban Trueba
M. Butterfly 1993 René Gallimard
Damage 1992 Dr. Stephen Fleming
Tales from Hollywood 1992 Odon Von Horvath
Waterland 1992 Tom Crick
From Time to Time 1992 H.G. Wells
Kafka 1991 Franz Kafka
Zebracka opera 1991 Prisoner
Reversal of Fortune 1990 Claus von Bülow
Australia 1989 Edouard Pierson
Danny, the Champion of the World 1989 William Smith
Dead Ringers 1988 Beverly Mantle/Elliot Mantle
A Chorus of Disapproval 1988 Guy Jones
The Mission 1986 Father Gabriel
Rabbit Ears: The Steadfast Tin Soldier 1985 Storyteller
Un amour de Swann 1984 Charles Swann
Betrayal 1983 Jerry
The Captain's Doll (TV) 1983 Captain Alex Hepworth
The Wild Duck 1983 Harold
Moonlighting 1982 Nowak
Brideshead Revisited 1981 Charles Ryder
The French Lieutenant's Woman 1981 Charles Henry Smithson/Mike
Nijinsky 1980 Mikhail Fokhine
The Voysey Inheritance 1979
Langrishe Go Down 1978 Otto Beck
Love for Lydia 1977 Alex Sanderson
The Liberty Tree 1975
Notorious Woman 1974 Franz Liszt
The Pallisers 1974 Frank Tregear

As directorEdit

  • Mirad (1997)


External links Edit

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