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Biographical information
Born 7877 AC
Died 7886 AC
Age 9
Physical description
Species Dragon
Gender Female
Scale Color Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
Chronological and political information
Rider Galbatorix
Affiliation Dragon Riders
Family Unknown

Jarnunvösk was Galbatorix's first dragon.

History Edit

When Galbatorix was still a young Rider, he went on a trip into the Spine with other Riders who, like him, were overconfident in their abilities. While they traversed the mountain range, a group of Urgals ambushed them, killing Galbatorix's companions. Jarnunvösk was fatally wounded by an arrow to the heart, that had been enchanted by an Urgal shaman.[1]

This was the catalyst that brought Galbatorix's madness upon him. Galbatorix was furious that he was "without the arts to save" the dragon and blamed the elders of the Dragon Riders for his loss. The death of Jarnunvösk enraged him, causing him to wage war upon the Riders after a new dragon was denied to him by the Dragon Rider council.

It is unknown if Jarnunvösk left her soul in her Eldunarí before her physical death and if it was in Galbatorix's possession if she had. It is most likely not the case, indicated by Galbatorix's sense of loss.

Description Edit

Jarnunvösk's color is unknown, but not black.[2]

She was probably small when she died, but was large enough to ride.

Gender Edit

There were some major discrepancies regarding Jarnunvösk's gender throughout the cycle.

"Without the arts to save her, she died in his arms."
Brom in Eragon
"The dragons spared Jarnunvösk, Galbatorix’s first dragon, for it was not his fault he was killed by Urgals (...)"
Arya in Brisingr

In early editions of Brisingr Jarnunvösk was mistakenly referenced as male. Later editions have corrected this and author Christopher Paolini has stated that the canon gender for Jarnunvösk is female.[2]

References Edit

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