Ismira Katrinasdaughter

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Biographical information
Born 8000 AC
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Copper
Eye Color Unknown
Chronological and political information
Family Katrina (Mother)
Roran (Father)
Ismira (Maternal Grandmother)
Sloan (Maternal Grandfather)
Marian (Paternal Grandmother)
Garrow (Paternal Grandfather)
Alden (Paternal-Maternal Great-Grandfather)
Cadoc (Paternal-Paternal Great-Grandfather)
Selena (Paternal Great-Aunt)
Morzan (Paternal Great-Uncle: De Jure)
Brom (Paternal Great-Uncle: De Facto)
Murtagh (Elder Paternal First Cousin Once-Removed)
Eragon ( Younger Paternal First Cousin Once-Removed)

Ismira was the daughter of Roran and Katrina, born during the summer after the war and death of Galbatorix.

The child was conceived before Roran and Katrina were officially wed, although the couple was married shortly after they realized Katrina was with child. Besides themselves, only Eragon and Nasuada were aware of the illegitimacy of the pregnancy, while everyone else believed the child was conceived after the wedding. The mother, Katrina, stated that she would do anything possible to protect her child and even considered leaving the Varden after the child's birth to care for it in an environment not so threatened by war and struggle.

She was born a healthy baby with an especially loud cry. Eragon commented that she had a strong grip, as she grasped his finger in her small hand.

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