Ismira was Sloan's wife and the mother of Katrina. She perished when she accidentally fell off of the top of the Igualda Falls while picking wild flowers.

Personal information Edit

Ismira is said to have been a good woman, as all of Carvahall remembered her as a sweet, beautiful woman who had a tragic death. She was close friends with Birgit and her close friend would one day marry her daughter to Roran in Ismira's absence. Sloan constantly mourned his wife and this is evidence of a loving and close relationship with her husband, as well as of Ismira's character and moral standing.

Relationship with Sloan Edit

Sloan loved his wife very much and it was most likely mutual. During their marriage their only known child was Katrina and they both loved their daughter very much, but at that time it was something whole and healthy, whereas now Sloan's obsessive control over his daughter changed over time, mostly because of the loss of his wife.

Physical appearance Edit

Ismira most likely looked like her daughter, as Katrina doesn't look anything like her father: very beautiful, with long copper hair, fair skin, and brown eyes. She might have also been tall, as Katrina is noted to be very tall for her age.

Death Edit

Ismira went into the Spine one day and perished when she accidentally fell off of the top of the Igualda Falls while picking wild flowers. On page 92 of Brisingr, the third book, Sloan says "... only a piece of rope. I didn't mean to... Ismira... No, no, please no..." This could imply that Sloan had a hand in her death and feels guilty for it. After Ismira's death, Sloan obsessively despised the Spine and was willing to even risk his beloved daughter's death so that she would not enter the Spine. Also, because of Ismira's death, Sloan became a withdrawn man and was obsessive about his daughter and her safety. Many years after her death, Katrina and Roran named their daughter after her.

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