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For convenience, here is a list of special characters commonly seen in Inheritance character and place names. Use any of the methods below that you prefer.

Character Keystroke {{subst:}} Description
á (Alt+0225) {{a/}} Small 'a' with acute accent
â (Alt+0226) {{a^}} Small 'a' with circumflex accent
ä (Alt+132) {{a..}}{{a:}} Small 'a' with umlaut
é (Alt+0233) {{e/}} Small 'e' with acute accent
ë (Alt+0235) {{e..}}{{e:}} Small 'e' with umlaut
ê (Alt+0234) {{e^}} Small 'e' with circumflex accent
í (Alt+0237) {{i/}} Small 'i' with acute accent
ö (Alt+0246) {{o..}}{{o:}} Small 'o' with umlaut
û (Alt+0251) {{u^}} Small 'u' with circumflex accent
ü (Alt+0252) {{u..}}{{u:}} Small 'u' with umlaut

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