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The human homeland is an unknown landmass to the southwest of Alagaësia. According to Orik, the continent lay "far to the south, beyond the Beors"; however, according to Christopher Paolini, it was to the west of Alagaësia. This continent is possibly where twenty humans who visited Alagaêsia in 5596 AC were from (Paolini has stated that the humans had their "various lands across the sea", indicating that there was more than one human country), as well as being most likely the land of birth of the Broddrings who arrived in 7203 AC with King Palancar. It has also been said that the Ra'zac originated in this land. According to Christopher Paolini, dragons may have also lived here at some point [1].

Real-world connectionEdit

This continent seems to bear some resemblance to Númenor in Tolkien's works on Middle-earth. Like the human homeland, Númenor was an island continent that lay far to the west, across the sea, from the mainland where the main stories in the saga take place. However, unlike the human homeland, Númenor was more technologically advanced than almost every other nation in the world, except those of the elves; while a dwarf in Eldest describes the humans to have been as "illiterate as rabbits" when they first arrived in Alagaësia; this is supported by Glaedr, who describes (in Eldest) the humans as having been "rough barbarians" when they first arrived.

References Edit

  1. Shurtugal/Lytherus interview in fall 2011

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