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Hope Elainsdaughter
Biographical information
Born 8000 AC
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair Color
Eye Color
Chronological and political information
Family Ostrec (paternal grandfather),
Horst (father),
Elain (mother),
Albriech (brother),
Baldor (brother)

Hope Elainsdaughter was the daughter of Horst and Elain. She was born shortly after the Battle of Belatona, in the night after the events of King Cat. In spite of previous concerns that Elain might suffer a miscarriage, the child was born healthy except for a cleft lip, which Eragon healed through using complex magic which he placed within a song, with Saphira's help.

 Trivia Edit

There is no actual evidence of this, but Hope might be a reference to Avatar - The Last Airbender, where at a point in the second season another little girl is born in the middle of harsh conditions and is also named Hope.

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