Helzvog was the most beloved of the dwarf deities. According to dwarven legend, after the Supernatural War, Helzvog felt that Alagaësia should be populated: the other deities disagreed, so Helzvog created the dwarves Odgar and Hlordis in secret, bringing them to life out of stone. When the other deities found out, they feared Helzvog would grow more powerful than them with his followers and as a result created the other races[1].

Helzvog seems to be a god of stone, the element associated with dwarves. If a dwarf is buried in stone, it is believed that their souls will pass into Helzvog's domain. While Helzvog is not the most powerful dwarven deity, he is the one whom the dwarves showed the most allegiance and love towards. If a dwarf is not buried in stone, his or her soul will not rest.


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