Hammer and Tongs is the 11th chapter of Eldest. It takes the point of view of Roran.


Roran is bored, pacing and practicing archery when Baldor comes. Roran wonders what he could possibly have done to become a desideratum of the Empire. Baldor tells him that the Ra'zac questioned Katrina, but to no avail. Baldor mildly suggests Roran turn himself in, to which Roran is opposed though he does realize the gravity of the situation. Baldor tells Roran that Quimby was killed trying to break up a fight between two soldiers. Baldor also tells Roran that the body was seized by the Ra'zac and when they convinced the Ra'zac to turn it over there were only bones left. He continues, telling Roran of how the bone marrow was drained and how there were obvious bite marks on the bones. Roran is horrified and Baldor tells him the soldiers were equally appauled by the Ra'zac. They realize the Ra'zac obviously aren't human and Roran wishes for something to be done.

Roran wakes up, coughing, his camp filled with smoke. He quickly leaves and when he is free from the smoke he looks upon the valley to find Carvahall's hay barn catch fire. Two houses then also catch fire and Roran wonders if this was accident or arson; and if he's responsible.

Roran waits till the fire is out and returns to his old camp. Albriech arrives shortly and tells Roran to come with him. Roran questions why and Albriech tells him that the soldiers started the fire. Albriech goes on, saying that they've tried to reason with the intruders, now all that's left is to remove the Ra'zac and they need Roran's help. They go to Horst's forge, where several men from the village are assembled. They say that the only thing they can do is drive the Ra'zac away, the injustice has reached the tipping point. They will fortify and fight.

1. A Twin Disaster | 2. The Council of Elders | 3. Truth Among Friends | 4. Roran | 5. The Hunted Hunters | 6. Saphira's Promise | 7. Requiem | 8. Fealty | 9. A Sorceress, a Snake, and a Scroll | 10. Hrothgar's Gift | 11. Hammer and Tongs | 12. Retaliation | 13. Az Sweldn rak Anhûin | 14. Celbedeil | 15. Diamonds in the Night | 16. Under a Darkling Sky | 17. Down the Rushing Mere-Wash | 18. Drifting | 19. Arya Svit-kona | 20. Ceris | 21. Wounds of the Past | 22. Wounds of the Present | 23. His Enemy's Face | 24. Arrow to the Heart | 25. The Dagshelgr Invocation | 26. The Pinewood City | 27. Queen Islanzadí | 28. Out of the Past | 29. Conviction | 30. Repercussions | 31. Exodus | 32. On the Crags of Tel'naeír | 33. The Secret Lives of Ants | 34. Under the Menoa Tree | 35. A Maze of Opposition | 36. Hanging by a Thread | 37. Elva | 38. Resurgence | 39. Why Do You Fight? | 40. Black Morning Glory | 41. The Nature of Evil | 42. Image of Perfection | 43. The Obliterator | 44. Narda | 45. The Hammer Falls | 46. The Beginning of Wisdom | 47. Broken Egg and Scattered Nest | 48. The Gift of Dragons | 49. In a Starry Glade | 50. Landfall | 51. Teirm | 52. Jeod Longshanks | 53. An Unexpected Ally | 54. Escape | 55. Child's Play | 56. Premonition of War | 57. Red Blade, White Blade | 58. Visions Near and Far | 59. Gifts | 60. The Maw of the Ocean | 61. Running the Boar's Eye | 62. To Aberon | 63. The Burning Plains | 64. The Clouds of War | 65. Nar Garzhvog | 66. Witch's Brew | 67. The Storm Breaks | 68. Convergence | 69. Eldest | 70. Inheritance | 71. Reunion

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