War hammer

Hammers were commonly used as weapons by the dwarves, who favored brute strength over subtlety and agility in warfare. Men used hammers as weapons as well, but not as commonly as Dwarves. The most famous hammer mentioned in the Inheritance cycle was Volund of Korgan, which meant 'eternal fighter' in the dwarves' language. Volund was wielded by Hrothgar, the dwarven king before Orik, and by Orik after he became king.

Roran Garrowsson also wielded a medium-sized hammer from the Battle of Carvahall on, as well as even gained the name Roran Stronghammer because of his skill with it. Roran used his hammer during the Battle of The Burning Plains to crush the skulls of The Twins. The hammer was borrowed from Horst and is nameless.

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