The Hall of the Soothsayer was a chamber deep beneath Ilirea. It was built over a fissure in the earth which emitted vapors. Breathing them in was thought to increase the chance of receiving a vision of the future. The Soothsayer lived here for many years and in the later days of the Rider War, Galbatorix tortured Nasuada here.

History Edit

During Du Fyrn Skulblaka, or the Dragon war, the elves discovered a crevice in the ground, under what is known as Ilirea. The place was a great defense to hide from dragons, but they prized it for a different reason. The vapors rising out of the crack in the stone increased the chances that whoever slept there would get a glimpse of the future. So the elves built a room on top of the fissure and an oracle lived there for hundreds of years. In time, the air lost it's potency and the oracle and her attendants departed. She was called Soothsayer and nothing else.

Importance During the Rider War Edit

In Inheritance, Murtagh captured Nasuada and flew her to Uru'bean. Galbatorix chained her on a marble slab in the Hall of the Soothsayer and when he came to talk to her the first time he told her the history of the Hall. He also claimed that he would not lie, or tolerate any lies while in the Hall. Galbatorix tortured Nasuada with hot irons and Burrow Grubs. When that didn't work, he altered Nasuada's senses so that everything she saw, heard, smelt and felt was a lie. The only thing keeping her from going insane was Murtagh, who helped her. Soon after Eragon helped her escape.

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