Haeg was a male human sorcerer who lived in the Hadarac Desert. He rescued the wandering orphan Carsaib and took him as an apprentice, teaching him how to use spirits and naming him "Desert Rat". Haeg was later murdered by bandits: Carsaib tried to use his knowledge of sorcery to exact revenge, but instead was possessed by the spirits he summoned and became the Shade known as Durza.

Real-universe connectionsEdit

Haeg does bear some similarities to Rugess Nome/Darth Tenebrous from Star Wars. Both wielded a mystical power (Haeg was a Magic user just as Nome/Tenebrous was a Force user.). Both had an apprentice (Haeg took Carsaib as his Apprentice just as Rugesss Nome/Darth Tenebrous took Hego Damask II (Darth Plagueis) as his apprentice). Both trained their apprentice in the mystic arts of that power (Haeg taught Carsaib how to use Sorcery and Tenebrous taught Plagueis how to wield the Dark Side of the Force.). Just as Tenebrous had given Hego Damask II the new name of Darth Plagueis, Haeg named Carsaib "Desert Rat".

However, they differ in that Haeg did not use magic malevolently while Nome/Tenebrous did use the Dark Side of the Force against others. Haeg had no part in Carsaib's conception while Rugess Nome did manipulate the circumstances surrounding Hego Damask II's birth. Haeg never met Carsaib's parents (who were already dead by that point) while Nome knew both Caar Damask (Hego II's father) and Hego II's mother (who was his disciple) before his birth. Unlike Tenebrous and Plagueis, there was a healthy and positive bond between Haeg and Carsaib during their time as master and apprentice. Haeg never taught Carsaib to use magic malevolently while Tenebrous encouraged such from Plagueis with using The Force. Also Haeg was murdered by bandits while Tenebrous was killed by his own apprentice. Also it was Tenebrous who guided Plagueis down the dark path even before the former was killed while it was Haeg's death that led to Carsaib's tranformation into Durza.

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