The Grimstcarvlorss of a Dwarven clan (the term translates as keeper of the house or the arranger of the house), was the dwarf responsible for the everyday running of the clan.

Notable Grimstcarvlorssn Edit

Hvedra was the Grimstcarvlorss of Dûrgrimst Ingeitum at the time of the Rider War and it was her duty to "ensure that the families of the clans payed their agreed-upon tithes to Bregan Hold, the the herds were driven to the proper fields at the proper times, that the stocks of feed and grain did not fall too low, that the women of the clan weaved enough fabric, that the warriors were well equipped, that the clan was well managed, as well as would prosper and thrive".[1]

Anhûin was another famous Grimstcarvlorss. After her death at the hands of Galbatorix's minions, her clan was renamed "Az Sweldn rak Anhûin" in her honour.

Inheritance Edit

This role is not an inherited role, as well as it is rare that both the Grimstborith and Grimstcarvlorss are married. One notable exception to this rule is Orik and Hvedra.

References Edit

  1. Brisingr, p. 413

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