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Spoiler Brisingr

The Gray Heath was a heath some leagues southeast of Helgrind.

Role in BrisingrEdit

After rescuing Sloan and Katrina from their imprisonment in Helgrind, and after Eragon sends Roran, Katrina, and Saphira back to the Varden, Eragon and Sloan rest at the Gray Heath. Upon the heath, Eragon forced Sloan to swear an oath in the Ancient Language that he would travel to Du Weldenvarden and never again see his daughter, Katrina. He gave Sloan some comfort by reminding him that if he could change his True name, the exile would not be permanent. The only time the heath was mentioned was in the Brisingr chapter To Walk the Land Alone


Though the humans gave it the name of the Gray Heath, the elves and the Riders knew the heath as Mírnathor and the dwarves called it Werghadn.

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