Gold was both a precious metal and a form of currency in the world of Alagaësia, in both the Broddring Empire and the Varden. As on Earth, its scarcity led people to hold it in high value.


  • The unit of currency in the Broddring Empire known as the Crown was likely composed at least in part of gold: upon receiving 200 crowns Clovis stated that "There be nothing like yellow gold to brighten a man's day."
  • In "Gifts of Gold" from Brisingr, it took Eragon a great effort to extract a trickle of gold dust from the ground, which he then shaped into three gold spheres. He gave one of these spheres to Gedric as payment for ox hides he had stolen and another to Jeod's wife Helen as a gift. Helen stated that with it, along with her business sense, she would be able to build a fortune to rival that of the dwarves. He then used the third one to craft the two rings he gives to Roran and Katrina after their wedding.
  • Delva was a highly prized form of gold nugget from the Beor Mountains.
  • The interlocking puzzle rings given to Eragon by Orik were made of gold.
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