Gedric Ostvensson was the tanner of the village of Carvahall. Eragon stole three ox hides from Gedric prior to his departure from Carvahall with Brom and Saphira, using them to make a saddle for Saphira. Gedric made the trip from Carvahall to the Varden with Roran and many of the other villagers from Carvahall. When Eragon met up with the villagers from Carvahall, he repaid Gedric by giving him a small sphere of Gold. Gedric tried to refuse the gold, stating that the hides were not worth that much. Eragon replied that he was choosing to haggle up. Gedric's appearance was suggested to be a man with a bulldog-esque face, with large jowls and heavyset brows, although, Eragon stated that Gedric was a kindhearted man, contradicting to his appearance.

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