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Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
Chronological and political information
Affiliation Varden, Nighthawks
Family Unknown
"Our reputation can protect you just as surely as our swords and our armor."
— Garven, speaking to Nasuada

Garven was the captain of the Nighthawks. He was described as being burly and having a crooked nose. He believed that the reputation of the Nighthawks was as important as their prowess in battle in keeping Nasuada protected. He was also the one chosen to probe the minds of the twelve elves who came with Blödhgarm to protect Eragon. He came out of this experience a changed man, as no normal human can come out of contact with the mind of an elf and remain unscathed.

Despite his ability to enter the minds of others, it is unlikely that Garven could use magic, as many people have been shown to have this ability and not be able to use magic.

Garven created a motto for the Nighthawks, "the smartest, the toughest, and the meanest." Nasuada suggested that if the others approved it, Garven should ask Trianna to translate the phrase into the Ancient Language and she would have it inscribed on their shields and embroidered on their standards. Garven hesitated and she realized that he was troubled by the fact that the motto might be too vulgar for men of his position. She left the task of devising a better motto to him and his compatriots, but it is possible he was never able to complete the task, due to his distraction following his examination of the elves. No mention was ever made of it again. Following his experience with the elves, Nasuada decided to give him something simple to do so that he might contemplate his experience. She resolved to ask Eragon or Angela or the two them together to tend to him should he not soon recover.

Nasuada was so impressed by the eloquence of his tongue that she felt he was a man she might have use for elsewhere. His experience with the elves, however, he was temporarily left unable to engage in any complex tasks.

Following Nasuada's capture at the hands of Murtagh, Garven and the survivng Nighthawks become Eragon's guards alongside the elves. It is mentioned that he had recovered from his experience, but would occasionally enter dream-like trances. He knew of Eragon's journey to Vroengard.

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