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Spoiler Eldest

Gamble was one of the Varden.

Description Edit

He is described as being quite ugly, having a neck so thick, it forced his head to jut forward at nearly right angles to his shoulders, giving him a stubborn, dimwitted appearance. His repulsive look was intensified by his heavy brow with its two cliffs of matted hair — almost long enough to pull over his eyes — and bulbous lips that remained puckered into a pink mushroom, even when he spoke. He also had something of an appetite, having consumed thirteen chickens in four days

Role in Eldest Edit

Gamble was charged with theft and destruction of property without offering proper recompense because he stole and ate thirteen chickens from a Surdan farmer. Nasuada sentenced him to pay a copper for each chicken he stole.

Gamble had a way with words and Nasuada knew that "No matter its rough housing, his tongue was as clever as a jester's." Nasuada asked her handmaiden, Farica, to reassign Gamble, giving him some sort of job in which he would have full rations, such as quartermaster. Prior to that, Gamble worked as a member of one of the work gangs in the quarry.

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