IW icon transparent The title of this article is conjectural, and some of its content may not be canonical.
This article is about Galbatorix's ideal Dragon Riders. You may be looking for the Forsworn.

In Eldest it was revealed that Galbatorix planned to reestablish the Dragon Riders.

Galbatorix's dreamEdit

After Murtagh and Thorn were forced to join Galbatorix, the King of Alagaësia, they were ordered to try and capture Eragon and Saphira. If Saphira, the last female dragon in existence, and Thorn or the Fírnen (which is known to be a male), were to breed, it would begin a new race of dragons and a new order of Dragon Riders that would be commanded by Galbatorix. However, such a dream could never come to pass, showing how demented Galbatorix had become..

Importance of the planEdit

If Galbatorix succeeded, it would mean that an order of "true" Dragon Riders would never come to pass, and Galbatorix could easily wipe out the Varden.

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