"Knurla Orik. You've been gone too long. There's no one left for me to spar with."
"Oeí, that's because you bruise everyone from head to toe with your monster sword."
"Everyone except you."
"That's because I'm faster than a giant like you."
— Fredric and Orik

Fredric was the male human weaponmaster of Tronjheim in Eragon. He had an untidy beard and he was rather muscular. He also wore a set of ox-hide armor, which looked to have been taken directly from the beast itself. He had a very long two-handed sword (about as long as Eragon's body). He also had a good sense of humor. Fredric had a strong dislike for the Twins, perhaps due to his inherent distrust of magic. Later, after Eragon's return from Helgrind in Brisingr, Fredric assisted Eragon in getting a new sword to replace Zar'roc, which he had lost in the Battle of The Burning Plains. He also explained the Curse of the Named Blade to Eragon.

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