Okay, I joined this wikia 5 minutes ago and have no idea what I'm doing so try to be nice, okay?

So this is the case: Me and my twinsister are getting matching tattoos on our wrists, to like show the world and ourselves the bond between us. We're both fan of the Eragon series, and we want a infinity sign with a word inside (i'll post an example later) and a word in the Ancient Language. We've been thinking about the word Yawë (meaning: Bond of trust) because it's pretty and short and the meaning is great! But I wanted to know if any of you have a better word? Something for "together" or "forever" or something like that?

Btw: I'm norwegian so my english isn't that great, sorry.



Someting like this but replacing the word "Infinity" with something else.

We will love getting some ideas from you!

Thank you x

Welcome to Inheriwiki. I can think of no better word that could replace Yawe. Good choice! Feel free to make yourself at home on Inheriwiki. Activity may be a little on the low side but, slow does have its benefits. Compare this wiki to the Avatar wiki, and you can see a startling contrast between the two. Thorns and roses, but I encourage you to start checking out the wiki. There are a lot of things to do. For example, we do not have many of the chapter summaries for Inheritance. There are other projects as well, but I don't want to talk too long. Again welcome to the wiki. --Specialk16Talk 23:24, July 16, 2012 (UTC)


I think you both should write a one line quote on your wrist or an intiall one anothers name.


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-- Specialk16Talk 23:24, July 16, 2012 (UTC)

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