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yeah, it may be improbable, but think about it... i thought that might be the case when she told the head priest who she was if indeed she is selena (and therefore the black hand) it would explain why the head priest was so scared i've checked, and there is nothing that really goes against this theory, even selena's death; as i recall there is no mention that brom saw the body

im not really clear-headed right now (just finished inheritance) so i might be overlooking something and i'm forgetting some arguments i thought of while reading, but what do you think? could it be possible?

Godofal 20:53, November 18, 2011 (UTC)

Angela can't be Selena because the elves keep refferring to her with respect and calling her 'wise one'. She must be very old to have earned the elves' respect, and Oromis said she had visited Ellesmera hundreds of years ago so she is way too old. Also, i'm not sure about this, but didn't Brom force Oromis to swear in the ancient language to keep Selena's reform secret? Finally, there is no way Angela would have let Morzan manipulate her, and she would have been more excited to hear Brom was alive and in Teirm. Morzansson 17:34, November 20, 2011 (UTC)

Angela mooneater angela selena eater Edit

Angela is called Mooneaer & the name Selena is form the Greek for Moon so maybe you're right.

No Angela is most likely the soothsayer. And the books say Selena died from sickness.

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