This article is about the place. You may be looking for A Forest of Stone, the Brisingr chapter.
"The bark was as cold and hard as a boulder. Blotches of pallid lichen clung to the surface of the tree. The back of Eragon's neck prickled."
Brisingr, page 417

The Forest of Stone, called Az Knurldrâthn[1] by the Dwarves, was an unusual formation of petrified trees near Mount Thardûr in the western Beor Mountains.

Cause Edit

The Dwarves speculated that the forest could have been made by Helzvog, the god of stone. Others think it may have been caused when a normal forest was buried within the mountains and became stone over time. Still others believe that the trees where placed there by Gûntera when he created Alagaësia.

Uses Edit

The Forest of Stone is considered a natural wonder of the Beor Mountains, but does not have any particular practical use. When young dwarves misbehave, they are often sent to labor on excavating more trees of the Forest of Stone, in attempt to teach them patience. Orik, the forty-third dwarf king, had been sent here in his youth by Hrothgar following a youthful transgression. Over the course of a few months, he managed to chip out a single branch. He found the task extremely tedious and ran away, falling in with a group of Vrenshrrgrn.

Role in the books Edit

Orik invited Eragon to the Forest of Stone to talk about the succession of Hrothgar before they left for Tronjheim.

History Edit

Many years ago Grimstborith Hvalmar found a 'stone' tree over one thousand years before the Rider War and ordered a project to excavate all the trees in the mountains. It was finally abandoned due to the sheer volume of trees, though the forest has captured the imagination of the dwarf race. Some even dedicate their lives to the task.

References Edit

  1. Brisingr, chapter A Forest of Stone

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