Normal FOFS2.png
Creator(s) Tom Pickett
Website URL
Launch Date October 1, 2006
Focus General fantasy fansite
Status online is an Fantasy fan site that dedicates to whole genre of fantasy. It is owned by Tom Pickett who has been running it since October 2006. FOF (Fan-of-Fantasy) has a large area dedicated to Inheritance that rivals many other sites of larger size.


  • Info Section - Arguably one of the largest sources of info for fantasy on the web. You can find tons of info from various series of books and even request a series to be added...
  • Fan Art - a gallery of fan-submitted digital and conventional artwork
  • Galleries - a large collection of fantasy-related images, such as screenshots, promotional pictures, and scans
  • Top Sites - a network for other fantasy sites
  • The Fantasy Guild Forums - a large forum for people to discuss book, movie, games, and much more in fantasy.
  • FOF WIKI - a fan edited MediaWiki encyclopedia on the Fantasy Genre.

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