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Biographical information
Age 400+
Physical description
Species Elf
Gender Male
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Unknown
Chronological and political information
Affiliation Elves, Dellanir, Islanzadí, Arya
Family Dellanir (mother), Islanzadi (mate), Arya (daughter)

Evandar (formally Evandar Könungr) was the son of Queen Dellanir, king of the elven race for four hundred years, until he was slain during the Dragon War by either Galbatorix or one of the Forsworn. Once he died, Queen Islanzadí became the ruler and Queen of the elves in his stead. He was the mate of the Queen Islanzadí and the sire of Arya.

History Edit

Rescued by Blagden Edit

While wandering through the forest, Evandar was ambushed by Urgals. For some reason a raven helped the elf king by pecking out the eyes of the Urgals with his beak. Evandar rewarded the bird by blessing him with intelligence and accidentally, dying his feathers white and giving him the ability to foretell the future, told in the form of riddles. The bird was known as Blagden among the elves, who were careful to heed his words when he didn't speak nonsense or make fun of them.

The Dragon War Edit

When Galbatorix invaded the elven lands during the Dragon War, Evandar led the elven army against the Forsworn. While leading the forces, Evandar was killed at the Battle of Ilirea by either Galbatorix or a member of the Forsworn.

Preceded By Position Succeeded By
Dellanir Elven Monarch Islanzadí

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