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The Escape from Gil'ead was a mini-battle pitting Eragon, Saphira, and Murtagh against Durza and his guards in the prison of Gil'ead.

Before the BattleEdit

After Eragon was captured by Urgals serving the Empire and taken to a Gil'ead prison, he escaped with the help of Murtagh. The shade Durza was also involved, working for the Empire.

The BattleEdit

Eragon escaped by not eating or drinking anything given him by the jail guard because he feared that the food had a drug in it that rendered him unable to use magic. His fears were confirmed when he heard the shade Durza tell his jailor to make sure Eragon starts drinking water again. Once he could use magic, Eragon unlocked his door, and went out, only to find some soldiers there. Murtagh then appeared, disguised, and helped him kill the soldiers. Eragon then went to rescue the elf he knew was in Gil'ead because he had seen her being dragged past his door. Once he found the elf, whom he later found out was Arya, they followed Murtagh to a room where Saphira was to rescue them. But before they could leave, they were confronted by Durza. Murtagh shot Durza with some arrows, causing him great pain and to disappear. Saphira broke the roof open, and helped all three of them to escape. Once they landed, Eragon healed the wounds Arya had suffered from Durza's torture. This resulted in Eragon, Murtagh, and Arya's escape to the Varden through the Hadarac Desert.

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